Enjoying Shochu The Japanese Way

Shochu is a distilled spirit and is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Japan. Shochu can be made out of any ingredient. Sweet potato, rice, and barley-based shochu are popular than others. When it comes to drinking Shochu, the Japanese are definitely not sipping it quietly under soft lights or by a fireplace on cold nights. In Japan, drinking is all about having a good time. Drinking means going out in groups or teams and sharing it together in Izakaya (local bars.) The kind of bars which buzz with energy and laughter and
where shochu and beer flow as freely as the conversations. Like with every drink, there is no set rule on how to drink shochu, but some ways are definitely better than others. Here is a quick guide on different ways to enjoy shochu:

Served straight up

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Shochu on the rocks

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Soda-wari (mixed with soda)

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Make a cocktail out of it!

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Mizu-wari and Oyu-wari way

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SHOCHU—The Japanese Drink You Have Never Heard of but Should Definitely Try!

While we are all familiar and in love with good old whisky and chilled beer, here is a drink that can
easily become your new cup of tea

Shochu, pronounced sho-chuu like pika-chuu, is very popular in Japan. In fact, it is the most consumed beverage in Japan. Although it is primarily made from sweet potato, barley, buckwheat, sugarcane or rice, one of the reasons for its popularity is that it can be made from 50 such base ingredients. There are many types of shochu with a diverse flavour profile. So, believe us when we say there is a shochu for everyone.
So, what’s its deal?
This traditional Japanese liquor originated more than 500 years ago and has been a local favourite ever since. Like vodka, gin, whiskey and tequila, shochu is a distilled spirit and the alcohol content ranges from 25% to 35% and no sugar. Shochu is said to have numerous health benefits (more on
this in upcoming blogs, keep watching this space) To put in perspective, it is stronger than wine and weaker than whiskey. Making it the perfect drink
to enjoy in a variety of ways like cocktails, straight, on the rocks, shots and enjoy it hours into your social evenings and dinners. Its smooth, versatile, and pairs perfectly with food. Sounds like a blast. Where do I get it?
Shochu is still novel among Indians and made its way to India very recently. SHIROKIN is one of the first Indian brands to import shochu from Japan to India.
Currently, Shirokin provides 3 varieties of shochu:
Grand Bleu
– Gentle and smooth shochu made from rice, rice koji and distilled with hokkaido spring water
Den-En Gold –
Authentic, premium, single malt, distilled shochu made from rice bran, koji and mochi mugi (barley) and spring water
Tan-Taka-Tan –
Refreshing and cool shochu made from shisho (Japanese basil), koji, dates and spring water.
If you are a bit adventurous when it comes to trying out new things, give this a shot. Well, one too
many shots because shochu is an acquired taste. Kampai!
Shirokin is the first brand in India to exclusively import Japanese alcoholic beverages to India. We aim to bring the most tastefully crafted authentic Japanese beverages and experiences to India. Shirokin’s
products are now available at Elite Tasmac showrooms in Chennai and Coimbatore.

Why Shochu Should Be
Your Choice of Drink

While we are all familiar and in love with good old whisky and chilled beer, here is a drink that can
easily become your new cup of tea

We have all come across several articles that say Red wine is great for heart health. That’s because of an enzyme (polyphenol) that’s commonly present in red wine that can prevent blood clots. Similarly, Shochu increases thrombolytic enzyme activity in your body that dissolves blood clots!

There many studies on Shochu, heart health and its enzymes that we won’t bore you with… But here’s the point– Shochu contains 1.5 times the amount of this enzyme compared to red wine. Drinking Shochu makes your blood flow thinner and heart healthier (with that comes better skin, healthier brain function & overall nourishment).

Shochu is fermented using Koji. And Koji is nothing short of a super-food. Cultures with Koji are associated with a lot of goodness - glowing skin, hair growth, weight loss, better sleep…the list is endless! Adding to all this Shochu is low caloric, gluten-free, ethanol-free and unlike many other distilled counter spirits, it is sugar-free. There is numerous anecdotal evidence that suggests drinking Shochu doesn’t result in hang-overs.

Shirokin’s Den-En-Gold is one such drink – single-distilled, sugar-free, ethanol-free and aged for three years. It is made from mochi mugi, rice bran, barley bran, koji and natural spring water. It is a super versatile drink, but is best consumed neat.

Shochu is pretty much the magic elixir we have all been looking for…It’s almost impossible to find another drink with a similar number of flavour profiles that can be enjoyed so many different ways. Shochu is the most popular drink in Japan. It is deep set in the time-honoured traditions of the country. Even Physicians in Japan recommend Shochu (with the usual caveat of ‘anything in moderation’ of course) “If you like to drink, then drink Shochu because it won’t cause flare-ups like other alcoholic beverages,” is somewhat of a popular saying there!

Note: There are many varieties of shochu, but only the traditionally brewed shochu have the above-mentioned benefits. Shirokin’s shochu products are all carefully picked and traditionally brewed.